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Why HiiT Dough Won’t Be Available from September 12-29

I’m Hi!
Thanks for stopping by to read more about why orders won’t ship until end of September and possibly beginning of October.

Most of you don’t know me but I’m Elizabeth, the founder 👩‍🍳 of HiiT Nutrition! 7 years ago I formed HiiT Nutrition when I was making “HiiT bars” that were plant based protein, low glycemic, naturally sweetened, gluten, soy, dairy, sesame and egg free protein bars. I turned the HiiT bars into HiiT dough (without changing the ingredients!) because the nostalgia of scooping dough was something I craved but couldn’t enjoy since every option out there had junk mix ins that would spike my insulin or some sort of ingredient that I had an intolerance to.

That’s the business side.

The other side people don’t know is that I am a military spouse (fun fact: HiiT Nutrition is a certified minority owned business in that it’s certified Military Spouse owned and women owned!), and a mom to a toddler. When my son was 6 weeks old, my husband deployed and long story short - he has not been able to live under the same roof as us due to work obligations for almost 3 years. As you can imagine, running a growing business, raising a newborn turned toddler alone, and trying to manage a household is a lot. I didn’t want to give up HiiT because seeing all of you enjoy it makes my heart grow (plus I eat a jar of dough a day so I need it for selfish reasons!). However, my husband is set to return home and in celebration of us becoming a family again and him being reintroduced into our son’s life, I am taking 3 weeks off to focus on our family. I have not taken a day off from being a business owner in 7 years including the day I had my son. I remember being in the hospital doing work emails. 💻 The day I left the hospital, he was at the commercial kitchen with me trying to fulfill orders for customers who were asking why it was taking so long. Spoon

Thank you for understanding why this time is so important for myself, my family, and my company.

I promise I will be working overtime after this break to start making fresh product and shipping out as quickly as humanly possible!


What this looks like for you if you’ve placed an order after 12pmPST on September 11th:

🌟 Yes! You can still reserve a fresh jar!

🌟 If you received a confirmation email, we have your order! It will go into a cue and will ship out as soon as fresh dough is made at the end of September.

🌟 No orders placed after 3pmEST/12pmPST on Monday September 11th will be shipped.

🌟 Starting on September 29th, I am hoping to start to ship orders but if I do not have enough dough to fulfill your order, it may not ship until October.

🌟 Reminder, orders only ship if fresh dough is ready!

🌟 I will only be checking the customer inbox sparingly, so I apologize in advance for delays.


💕thank you, thank you, thank you! 💕



Elizabeth 👩‍🍳