NO ORDERS WILL SHIP BETWEEN 7/3-7/7 due to the holiday. Because of extremely high demand, orders will take 7-14 days before they ship. Flat rate shipping for all orders and FREE Shipping for orders over $70! FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SHIPPING AND SOLD OUT FLAVORS, CLICK HERE

Updates on shipping and sold out flavors



Why isn’t my order shipping between 6/30 & 7/6?


 Due to the Fourth of July holiday, USPS won’t be delivering on Friday through Sunday so no orders will be able to go in the mail after Tuesday 6/30. As you know, Hiit Dough is freshly made and we’re working around the clock to get your dough made, jarred and shipped as fast as possible. I truly believe every customer deserves that first fresh HiiT dough taste experience and that’s why I don’t keep anything on a shelf or carry back stock. I also strategically ship out each and every order with intention to create the shortest transit time. For that reason, if I put anything in the mail after 6/30 it will not get there until the following Monday 7/6. Thank you for your understanding and patience as I cannot control the speed at which USPS delivers but I can do my part to make sure every customer is receiving the freshest product possible!



Why are sold out flavors not restocking until August 2020?


Due to complications with covid, ingredients have not been as readily available. For that reason, sold out flavors will not restock until August 2020. This will allow us to have certain flavors consistently available without having the whole website selling out of everything all at once.

Thank you for being a HiiT customer and all of the over pouring love and support you have shown!