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Our Story


Before HiiT Dough, HiiT Nutrition was created around producing HiiT Bars. These were originally designed for Military Special Forces Personnel as something lightweight that would provide them with optimized and efficient energy. A bar with versatile nutrition that could fuel them at any time of the day and through anything from a combat mission to a 13 mile Ruc. It had to be made from heroic nutrition so each ingredient was carefully hand picked in order to maximize the nutrients needed for activity without all of the things that slow you down. But more importantly, it also had to taste amazing. With many covert mission taste tests, the mouth-watering HiiT bar was born. Mission Accomplished!

HiiT dough was introduced when our founder, a lover of all things sweet, was experimenting with different recipes for new HiiT Bar flavors and accidentally made something that ended up as a dough! After trying it and having a mouthwatering experience, she searched to see if there was anything out there that was an edible cookie dough and still Gluten Free, Vegan, Soy Free and did not have to be refrigerated. The options were limited and nutritional panels were disappointing. And then she knew right then and there, it was time for the world to have the macros and ingredients of a Plant Based Protein bar smashed into a cookie dough taste and texture. With much time spent using only clean ingredients to get the flavor profile just right, HiiT Dough became an instant success! The best part...although we know we had you at Edible Cookie not only does your mind and mouth get that sweet tooth fix, it satisfies and stabilizes your blood sugar along the way!



We eat our own products

Our Founder, Elizabeth, is a passionate runner and lover of sweets. She has made it her goal to provide products with simple ingredients that can fuel the body efficiently yet (and most importantly!) don't compromise taste. She is dedicated to changing how people approach "healthy foods" and hopes to create products that can satisfy and fuel any body type. Having food allergies that limited her options of protein and energy bars, it was equally important that she was able to enjoy HiiT's products as well! Enthusiastically, she set out to create the best tasting Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy free, Soy free, products you've tasted yet! As she found herself constantly reaching for a HiiT Dough over any other item in her notorious bag full of snacks, she knew these were going to be a HiiT! We can't wait to have you see why our products stand out from the rest!