Collection: Why HiiT Dough production is shutting down

The website will no longer allow HiiT dough to be ordered on
April 30th. 
Here's everything you need to know!


🔹The last day to place an order is April 30th (don't wait in case we sell out before then).

🔹Due to an already high demand, orders will likely be taking 2-4 weeks BEFORE IT SHIPS.

🔹 Everything is shipped via USPS so please allow for their normal transit times once it’s in the mail.

🔹 No discount codes will be usable.

🔹After all the dough has been freshly made, jarred, and shipped out, any leftovers will be posted to the website and I will notify everyone via social media.

🔹Jet black cocoa will continue to be sold though!


 Great question!

Why would I halt production on a successful, growing, revolutionary product?!
Hi 👋 I'm Elizabeth, the founder 👩‍🍳 and one stop shop!
First, this decision wasn’t easy because so many of you have become fiends and family over the years. When I (mistakenly) created HiiT dough about 8 years ago, I knew it was something truly unique and there’s still nothing like it!
It was my first baby and HiiT dough has been my heart and soul through thick and thin!
While it might not make sense to most why I decided to halt production on such a successful and loved product, there are some new and exciting opportunities and changes going on in my life right now and this was the best decision for my family and our future.
I cannot tell you how much I cherish every message, note, weight-loss story, and shared love for HiiT dough you’ve sent.
Thank you for your patience in this crazy time as orders may take up to 3-4 weeks to fulfill.
Jet black cocoa will still be sold so I cannot wait to continue to see all of the amazing creations!
💙 Elizabeth 💙



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