JUST IN: MAPLE GLAZED DONUT IS HERE!! ūüć© PLEASE NOTE: Dough is freshly made! If your order has not shipped, your dough hasn‚Äôt been made!

ūüćĀ Maple Glazed Donut ūüć©
ūüćĀ Maple Glazed Donut ūüć©

ūüćĀ Maple Glazed Donut ūüć©

Half the calories of nut butter! Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Egg Free!
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Gluten Free - Vegan - NO BAKE - Naturally Sweetened - Dairy, Soy & Egg Free - High Fiber - Plant Based Protein - No Artificial Anything - Preservative Free


Whether you love¬†maple or not, you are going to FALL in love with this new seasonal NO BAKE HiiT Dough flavor! We‚Äôre known for our SPOT ON¬†nostalgic flavor¬†(without sharing any ingredients in common!) and¬†Maple GLAZED donut HiiT Dough¬†does not¬†disappoint! It has a mouthwatering glazed donut flavor base and infused with¬†perfect hints of maple ūüćĀ (Even those who don‚Äôt care for maple are¬†coming back for more!)


Made with top shelf ingredients, HEROIC nutrition and a whole bunch of love, we can't wait for you to dig right in!



Since HiiT Dough’s original recipe was for a plant based protein bar, it has ZERO ingredients in common with real cookie dough and is NOT intended for baking. We want you to enjoy all of the nostalgia of scooping it straight out of the jar without the guilt!

We don't keep anything on shelves or use any preservatives. All  dough is freshly made so please enjoy your first bite within a few days!



Room Temp: 5-7 days

Refrigerated: 1 month

In the freezer: 3-5 months

Please enjoy our HiiT Dough straight out of the jar! 


Ingredients: NON-GMO Tapioca Fiber, Blanched Almonds, Dates, Organic Agave, Rice Flour, Organic Brown Rice Protein, Erythritol, Monk fruit, pure cane sugar, sunflower lecithin, natural maple flavors, salt.